CFP for MENAWCA 2014 Conference

The conference theme is “Sustaining Writing and Writing Centers in the Middle East-North Africa Region.”

As writing centers grow in the MENA region, questions emerge not only about how to sustain and develop them but also about how they can serve as model centers. What strategies can and should regional writing centers adopt in order to establish a solid presence within institutional frameworks? How can peer tutors, international collaborations, local/regional research initiatives drive the momentum? What alliances within or across academic institutions strengthen writing center continuity and support? What technological initiatives, including use of mobile devices, influence our effectiveness with student writers and as we network with other centers? What theories and practices that grow out of local contexts can promote writing center work both within the MENA region and with other local, regional, and international writing forums? This conference aims to identify multi-faceted variables that promote the sustainability of writing programs, writing centers, and most importantly the dialogue between writers.

The MENAWCA invites students, teachers and other professionals who support student writers to its biennial conference, November 7-8, 2014 at the Canadian University in Dubai.

Deadline for Submissions: April 15th, 2014

Submit a Session Proposal

MENAWCA invites you to submit a session proposal for presentations, papers and events relating to our conference theme, Sustaining Writing and Writing Centers in MENA region in the following formats:

Individual Presentation
60 minutes (includes Q&A period)
Though individual presentations are more like lectures in format, presenters are encouraged to be interactive, with Q&A at the end.Proposal abstract: 200 words or fewer; Program abstract: 50 words or fewer.
5 x 10
10 minutes
Five slides, ten minutes. This innovative alternative to the poster session provides a venue suited for brief, general- audience talks accompanied by visual props. The 5 X 10 is particularly well-suited for profiling writing centers or drawing attention to a single issue or innovation.Proposal abstract: 125 words or fewer; Program abstract: 50 words or fewer.
Multi-presenter panel, or discussion (4-6 participants)
60 minutes
Structured discussions (or full panels) can include point- counterpoint discussions, choreographed roundtables, fishbowl discussions, and intentionally sequenced panels.Proposal abstract: 200 words or fewer; Program abstract 50 words or fewer.
60/90 minutes (please include time preference in your proposal)
The workshop is essentially a teaching/learning session dedicated to the attainment of specific knowledge or skills that have particular relevance to evaluation. A workshop might, for example, focus on developing competence in a particular skill or technique and its application, or enhancing knowledge of a specific aspect of evaluation.Proposal abstract: 200 words or fewer; Program abstract: 50 words or fewer.
20 minutes
Posters involve a short, visual presentation of the major focus, issues of concern, methods, findings and conclusions of the presentation.Proposal abstract: 125 words or fewer; Program abstract: 50 words or fewer.
Idea Bank Please forward any innovative, fresh proposal formats.Proposal abstract: 125-200 words or fewer; Program abstract: 50 words or fewer.

Notification of Acceptance

Notifications of acceptance will be sent via email to the presenting author by June 1st, 2014.

Proposals will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Clarity of purpose, and content
  • Contribution to and engagement with conference theme
  • Potential to foster constructive interaction
  • Potential interest to a diverse cross-section of conference attendees

Special Note: Visas

Please note that all presenters/participants are responsible for obtaining their own visas. This responsibility does not lie with either MENAWCA or the Canadian University of Dubai.


Please forward proposals and a 150-200 word bio, with email address, to Conference Chairs, Dr. Kathy O’Sullivan, at or Nadine Ashkuri, at

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